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Several different reasons causes the shake phenomenon of excavator structure

hits:2518    date:2017-04-21

  During the excavator normal working time, it would produce the relative shake phenomenon to match with the hydraulic system, but also play a closely relationship to the reliable ability of the entirety excavator structure. And professional excavator segment bolt production manufacture said expect of these two parts, the operating habits for the excavator operators also play an important influence to the work shake phenomenon too.

  Professional excavator segment bolt production manufacture said the shake influence of the hydraulic system can be divided into two parts, they are the constant shake when turn off the hydraulic system and the impact shake to entirety excavator structure, which produced by the worse harmony.


  If consumers wants to reduce the constant shake phenomenon, professional excavator segment bolt production manufacture suggests them add one one way restrictor valve between the swing arm and bucket shank high pressure oil pipelines, which can be used to enlarge the oil back flowing pressure and improve the loads to bump, but reduce the final delivery capacity of bump.

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