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Suitable enlarge segment bolts to reduce its rigidity

hits:2521    date:2017-04-19

  If consumers want to reduce the rigidity of excavator segment bolt, they can try to reduce the total length of excavator segment bolt into the suitable range, for example, on the special application areas, such as the pivoting supporting part, bob weight part and tract protection plate, consumers can through choose the long length excavator segment bolt to reduce its final rigidity.

  But if consumers wants to improve the rigidity performance for the excavator bracket, professional excavator segment bolt production manufacturer said there are two different methods to achieve this goal, for example, the first method is cancel the original washer but to choose the bigger rigidity washer, such as the use the bolt screw down mode to connect the walk pilot valve.


  Professional excavator segment bolt production manufacture indicate that within the smaller and smaller excavator bracket rigidity, during the whole shake resource propagative process, the shake phenomenon would easily been enlarged, so the relative stress force width would become larger at the same time.

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