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Which elements had causes the excavator segment bolt wipe off problem?

hits:2329    date:2017-04-17

  Due to the worse work conditions, the entirety excavator structure would suffer the large shake phenomenon and causes the excavator segment bolt has the loose and wipe off problem at the end. Is there any another elements also can cause the excavator segment bolt has the wipe off and loose phenomenon? The answer yes, for example, the rigidity for the both excavator segment bolt and excavator bracket would also play an important influence to the loose problem as following:


  When these excavator segment bolt needs to suffer the axial direction changing loads, but the fastening force had maintain them as before, so the stress force changing would become smaller and smaller, the excavator segment bolt would has a smaller ratio to face to the fatigue broken off problem, but the connection reliable had become higher. So when the work pull force can maintain same for the whole time, consumers can try to reduce the rigidity of excavator segment bolt to reduce the changing width of stress force.

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