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Segment bolt easy face to loose and wipe off problem due to the worse work condition

hits:2557    date:2017-04-15

  As general, the work conditions for these excavator machines are belongs to the harsh places, so during the excavate period, the entirety excavator structure would produce a large shake phenomenon, so these excavator segment bolt, which had been installed on the excavator structure wold easily face to the loosen phenomenon, some of them even easily wipe off from the excavator machine structure too.

  So to prevent the loose and wipe off problem, consumers should detailed learn the instrument information of excavator machine, for example, to these excavator segment bolt, which had been installed in the key and special important positions, users should keep a habit to check them within regular period, but also needs remember fastening them again in time too.


  But professional excavator segment bolt production manufacture warn that even through the regular checkout habit still can’t fully solve the wipe off and loosen problem, so the best solve method is maintenance and fastening excavator segment bolt twice for each month.

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