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Difference between excavator pin and excavator segment bolt

hits:2358    date:2017-04-13

  Generally speaking, the appearance shape for the excavator pin is just looks like a nail, which is widely used in the excavator structure, and professional excavator segment bolt production manufacture said the section surface of the excavator pin is round shape, which can be used to connect or fixed the bucket teeth and chain plate, etc.

  But difference to the excavator pin, the excavator segment bolt belongs to the common using fasteners products of excavator, which is makes up by two contents, including the head part and the thread rod, and the excavator segment bolt should work together with the suitable dimension nuts, and widely used to connect two mechanical parts, which internal space is hole shape.


  As long as tear down the nuts from the excavator segment bolt, these two connection mechanical parts can be separate with each other, in the other words, we can regard the connection mode of excavator segment bolt belongs to removable connection.

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