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Dimension tolerance requirement for lock pins products

hits:2414    date:2017-04-07

  Generally speaking, no matter which diameter of liebherr excavator lock pins are, its final production diameter tolerance should never smaller than -0.04 millimeters, but also can’t beyond 0.08 millimeters too. Different to diameter dimension, the final clamp length manufacturing dimension should never smaller than the original drawing needs, but the extra length also can’t beyond 0.5 millimeters too. According to consumers different special requirement, the manufacturing precision of liebherr excavator lock pins also can be controlled into different stage too.


  But professional liebherr excavator lock pins production manufacturer indicate that due to the total production period for the liebherr excavator lock pins is shorter than another excavator mechanical parts, so before place the order, consumers should detailed list or indicate their special requirement to the final lock pins products, such as the special raw materials requirement, the needed final anti corrosion ability and shear resistance performance, etc.

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