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Lock pins needs produced within the higher manufacturing precision

hits:2405    date:2017-03-29

  Due to these liebherr excavator lock pins had been produced with the automatic tightness locking function, so compared with the common bucket teeth pins products, the manufacturing precision degree of the liebherr excavator lock pins needs be higher, for example, both the manufacturing diameter and clamp length of the liebherr excavator lock pins needs strict according to the rigid tolerance manufacturing requirement.

  According to the different work conditions and shear resistance performance needs, consumers can choose to produce the liebherr excavator lock pins within the stainless steel materials or the high strength alloy steel materials too. According to the different application condition, the handle shank for the liebherr excavator lock pins also has several different types for consumers to choose too, such as the L shape, T shape, B shape and R shape, etc.


  Besides, consumers also can provide their special design drawings to production enterprises to let them manufacturing their special liebherr excavator lock pins products too.

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