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Three different specifications for lock pins products

hits:2226    date:2017-03-20

  To meet up with the different application conditions needs, professional liebherr excavator lock pins production manufacturer had produce their lock pins products within three different specifications for consumers to choose, such as the quick release pins, ball lock pins and the quick insert lock pins, etc.

  But professional liebherr excavator lock pins production manufacture indicate that all of these three different types liebherr excavator lock pins products all gained the automatic anti loose ability, for example, people just need press the button, which install on the handle part, the steel ball on the pins head part would be fully stretch bad, so the lock pins can be free cross through the pin hole within a fast speed.


  If people don’t use their hands to press the button anymore, the steel ball would be automatic pop up, so even we use the big strength to pull the liebherr excavator lock pins, we also can’t pull it put from the pin holes anymore.

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