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According to actual using needs to choose the suitable raw materials for lock pins

hits:2290    date:2017-03-11

  As general, according to the different using conditions and the different requirement to the anti shear ability, the liebherr excavator lock pins can be produced into two different types for consumers to choose, such as the quick release lock pins and quick lock insert pins, etc.

  To these special work condition, which has a higher strength requirement and resistance corrosion performance, professional liebherr excavator lock pins production manufacture said the economical 304 stainless steel is the best raw materials choice. But if consumers has their special shear resistance ability for liebherr excavator lock pins products, the best raw materials for the lock pins needs changed into the alloy steel materials, which had been produced within the suitable heat treatment yet, such as the 40cr and 42crmo material, etc.


  If consumers insist on the excellent shear resistance performance and corrosion resistance performance for liebherr excavator lock pins, then its best raw material choice belongs to 630 stainless steel.

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