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Lock pins appearance is just looks like a pin

hits:2311    date:2017-03-02

  Even through the liebherr excavator lock pins belongs to one kind of the lock products, but its production appearance is similar with the common pin products such as the liebherr excavator lock pins, which is mainly used in the excavator structure. Difference to another pins products, the liebherr excavator lock pins can be tightness locking within a more comfortable and convenience way, for example, as long as we had insert the lock pins into the suitable depth position, this mechanical part can achieve the automatic locking goal by itself.


  After the tightness locking, these liebherr excavator lock pins also can be used to carrying the certain force. But professional liebherr excavator lock pins production manufacturer warn consumers that due to the lock pins needs good fixed on the end part of the axle rod, so it can’t suffer too big impact force, but also can’t carrying the abrasion damages within the long time too.

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