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The structure of lock pins are very simple and easily?

hits:2304    date:2017-02-21

  Can we regard the structure of the liebherr excavator lock pins as a simple and easily structure? The answer is yes, because the liebherr excavator lock pins is the combination of the locks and pins, which belongs to one new type devices within the double compound functions, for example, under the help of the liebherr excavator lock pins would not only can free moving to suitable position, but also get the goal of locking position roles, and the main application areas are these different engineering production equipment, such as excavator and loader machine, etc.


  Looks at the appearance of the liebherr excavator lock pins, we can find it is belongs to the square shape external shell, on the right top part had been produced within the hanging device, but its internal space had been produced with the spring and tough. Professional liebherr excavator lock pins production manufacturer said both the structure and manufacturing technique of liebherr excavator lock pins all easily and simple than another mechanical part, and its installation method is also more easily too.

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