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Different types bucket teeth gets the different advantages

hits:2364    date:2017-02-12

  With the improvement of manufacturing technique technologies, the excavator machine has play an important role in the whole social production industry, and within the different production specifications, their main advantages and features would also difference to each other, so in this article, we will mainly talk about the advantages of alloy steel liebherr excavator lock pins :

  Compared with the common liebherr excavator lock pins, because of the application of the alloy steel materials, the final bucket teeth pins products would get the better tenacity performance than usual, so they would hard to broken off during the piling period.

  Because all of the alloy steel materials, which used to manufacturing into liebherr excavator lock pins products belongs to the high alloy steel materials, their abrasion resistance degree can be four to five times bigger than these common bucket teeth pin products.


  Because of the bigger harden degree, these alloy steel liebherr excavator lock pins can insert into soil within a faster speed too.

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