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pointed teeth pins are suitable for wheel type excavator

hits:2116    date:2017-01-16

  Professional liebherr excavator lock pins production manufacturer said the shape of the excavator bucket cutter blade can be divided into four different shapes, which needs fully take account of several different elements during the purchase stage, such as the inert resistance force, the abrasion resistance ability of the liebherr excavator lock pins and if it can be easily replaced or not, etc. As general, these bucket teeth shape can be divided into pointed teeth pins, which is suitable for the wheel type excavator, and the cog teeth, which is suitable for the crawl type excavator.


  When confirm the total installation of the liebherr excavator lock pins, writer suggests consumers according to the width of the bucket to confirm the final application value, for example, the distance between each liebherr excavator lock pins should be fifteen to thirty centimeters. And the production structure of liebherr excavator lock pins can be divided into entirety type, which is suitable for the middle and small dimension excavator, and the second type is split type, which is suitable for the large dimension excavator due to the worse work conditions.

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