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Why wheel loader tooth pin needs suffer the different friction force?

hits:2885    date:2017-04-02

  The main reason why between the wheel loader tooth pin and needed substances exist the large friction force is due to the relative motions between them and form into the large surface extrusion force, but with the changing of the substances, the final friction force for wheel loader tooth pin also has a big changes too. For example, if the needed excavate substances had changed from the softy soil into the harden rocks, stones or concrete, the friction force would become larger and larger, which would produce the different abrasion damages on the wheel loader tooth pin surface, then formed into the final furrow within the large depth at the end.


  The main contents of the wheel loader tooth pin can play a direct important influences to its final durable time, so make the right decision about wheel loader tooth pin is very important. For example, due to the larger positive pressure on front work surface than back work surface, so the front work surface wheel loader tooth pin would has the more serious abrasion damages, and we also can confirm the positive pressure and friction force are two main external mechanical elements to lead to the lose efficiency problem of teeth pins.

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