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Several different types of manufacturing techniques of tooth pins

hits:2984    date:2017-02-07

  According to the different manufacturing technique modes, these manufacturing techniques of wheel loader tooth pin can be divided into three different types, such as the chemical thermal treatment, cover layer treatment and deformation reinforcement treatment and so on.

  But according to the different depth of abrasion resistance harden layer, professional wheel loader tooth pin production manufacturer said within the different harden layer depth, the choose of manufacturing techniques also has several different choices too. For example, if wants maintain the depth of harden layer is range from two to three centimeters, professional wheel loader tooth pin production manufacturer can choose the high frequency quenching technique, flame quenching technique or spray coating technique, etc.


  But if the final abrasion resistance harden layer depth would never bigger than one centimeter, there are three different technique choices for enterprises to choose, such as the coating layer treatment, sedimentation treatment and melting layer treatment, etc.

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