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Choose the right installation method to install the segment bolt

hits:3981    date:2015-08-21

  Because the main role of the excavator segment bolt is very important, so when people install the segment bolt, they need to choose the right installation bolt. For example, the right installation method means that the total depth of the hole, which used to insert the excavator segment bolt should be suitable, and this depth is on the basic of the total length of the excavator segment bolt, for example, if the total length of the excavator segment bolt is fifteen millimeters, then the biggest depth of the hole should be twenty millimeter, after cleaning the hole, people can free to insert the segment bolt into the inside of the drill hole.

  To ensure the installation result is perfect, people had choose the hardness earth ground to install the excavator segment bolt, besides, during the following using time, people also need to ensure the suffer loads should never beyond the rated biggest loads requirements.

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