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Stainless steel is the best raw material of bucket teeth

hits:2498    date:2017-03-03

  Each consumers all wants to buy one qualify excavator tooth pin and rubber products within the best manufacturing quality, so to achieve this goal, they should learn how to right rely on the manufacturing materials to check the manufacturing quality first. For example, to makes the final excavator tooth pin and rubber can maintain the best harden degree and anti abrasion ability, its raw materials should gained these two excellent performance too, so because of the excellent harden degree, excellent anti corrosion ability and anti rust performance, the stainless steel had been widely accepted as the best raw materials for excavator tooth pin and rubber products.


  Consumers also can rely one the manufacturing details to check the final manufacturing quality too, for example, to guarantee the final excavator tooth pin and rubber maintain a smaller deformation changing rate, its welding technique should be advanced, which can be checked through the smooth welding surface and welding joints, and the best welding technique needs never produce no cracks and welding residue problem too.

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