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Bucket teeth is the terminal of the entirety excavator’ work device

hits:2473    date:2017-02-22

  Just talk about the work device for the entirety excavator structure, the excavator tooth pin and rubber can be regard as the terminal part, which needs continue and frequently rub with the soils, so this mechanical part would face to the serious damage lose problem. Especially in these stones excavate conditions, the abrasion damage speed for the excavator tooth pin and rubber would be worse and worse, if the operators had control the excavate bucket teeth carrying the unevenness loads, the entirety single bucket teeth pins would easily broken off, so its final replacement period would be shorten and the maintenance costs would be enlarged.


  To these abrasion damage excavator tooth pin and rubber, consumers can use several useful technique transformation technique to recycle using them, such as welding two old broken bucket teeth pins into only one new bucket teeth pin. Besides, the total excavate contact square for the excavator tooth pin and rubber would be enlarged after welding technique, which strength and anti abrasion ability also has a big improvement too.

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