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How to confirm the right specification of bucket teeth?

hits:2635    date:2017-02-13

  Are you sure that you had choose the best specification choice for your excavator tooth pin and rubber? Because the right choice of the excavator tooth pin and rubber specification should rely on the different excavate work conditions, the needed excavate substances and the final excavate work contents, etc, as long as the final bucket teeth meet up with all of these three requirement, you can confirm you had made the right decision.

  To prevent the excavator tooth pin and rubber wipe off from the excavator structure, writer attention consumers should never install the excavator tooth pin and rubber between the teeth seat with a too big gap, or the excavate bucket teeth would has a too loose degree but also influence the final using results too.


  Even one unit excavator also needs use at least three excavator tooth pin and rubber at the same time, but due to the different loads carrying conditions, these excavator tooth pin and rubber, which had been installed at the side part would suffer the faster abrasion speed than these middle installation bucket teeth pins products, so consumers can free to change their installation positions.

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