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Never make the bucket teeth crash with another mechanical parts

hits:2629    date:2017-01-26

  During normal use time, consumers should take measure to prevent the excavator tooth pin and rubber face to the crash phenomenon, because even through the raw materials of the excavator tooth pin and rubber belongs to top grade materials, but the final excavator tooth pin had contact with harden substances for the long time yet, which would easily produced a large crash phenomenon and makes the harmless influences to bucket teeth pins’ performance and structure. So to prevent this phenomenon, consumers should pay more attention on this important issue.


  Consumers also can provide the suitable daily maintenance works to prevent the excavator tooth pin and rubber has the lose efficiency problem, such as add the right types and without no impurities agents lubrication in time, check if the internal gas and water of bucket teeth pins are suitable all not, etc, all of these small details are can be used to maintain the excavator tooth pin and rubber maintain the best work condition during the daily using time.

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