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Right installation steps, which used to install the excavator segment bolt

hits:3822    date:2015-08-21

  The first step: people need prepare a alloy steel drilling head, which dimension is match with the outside dimension of the excavator segment bolt, then on the basic of the total length of the excavator segment bolt to drill out a hole with the right depth, until ensure the hole can safety install the segment bolt, then cleaning out the dust, which exist in the inner space of the hole.

  The second step: to good fixed the excavator segment bolt, people also install the flat washer, spring washer and nuts together with the excavator segment bolt, for example, the bottom position of the nut need turning into the end position of the segment bolt, to protect the thread, then insert the segment bolt into the whole.

  The last step: use the torque wrench to adjust the surface of the washer and fixed matter are very flat, if there are no special requirements or needs, use people’ hands to screw down the excavator segment bolt is ok.

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