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Try to avoid bucket teeth face to the too big impact force

hits:2417    date:2017-04-09

  Due to the caterpillar bucket teeth pins needs closely contact with the needed excavate substances first, so there would produce a large impact force during the common excavate period, which would lead to the serious hurt damages, but consumers should try their best to prevent their caterpillar bucket teeth pins face to the too large impact force to avoid the abrasion damage, such as right control the working frequency and excavate speed and potency dimension.

  With the enlarge of the continue use time, the abrasion damages for the caterpillar bucket teeth pins would become worse and worse, which also can be changed according to the changes of the soils actual features too, so writer suggests consumers right according to excavate soils to choose the right specification caterpillar bucket teeth pins products.


  Another main reason which would lead to the serious abrasion damages to caterpillar bucket teeth pins is because of the unevenness load carrying phenomenon, so excavators should right control the caterpillar bucket teeth pins within the suitable excavate speed to guarantee the evenness loads carrying.

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