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Bucket teeth needs suffer the high impact slide grinding abrasion damages

hits:2392    date:2017-03-31

  During the normal use life, all of the caterpillar bucket teeth pins products needs suffer the abrasion damages, which can be regard as the high impact slide grinding abrasion damages, so to prevent the serious abrasion damages happen, consumers should pay more attention on the manufacturing materials of caterpillar bucket teeth pins during the purchase stage, such as detailed check if its raw materials had match with national standard limit, or the final caterpillar bucket teeth pins would can’t guarantee the suitable harden and tenacity performance.

  The main reason why these caterpillar bucket teeth pins had been produced with the different specifications and shapes is due to its suitable application conditions are difference, such as the rock bucket teeth and common caterpillar bucket teeth pins, so consumers should according to the excavate substances features to confirm the best manufacturing specification of bucket teeth.


  To these caterpillar bucket teeth pins, which has the abrasion damages yet, writer suggests consumers change their installation position to prevent the more serious abrasion damages.

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