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Ensure the design idea of bucket teeth is most ideal and reasonable

hits:2655    date:2017-03-22

  Expect of the best manufacturing ally steel raw materials, to be efficiency improve the caterpillar bucket teeth pins anti corrosion ability, these manufacturing enterprises needs pay more attention on the original design ideas, for example, they should improve and impute the original shape of the caterpillar bucket teeth pins,such as add a long groove on the upper and bottom part of bucket teeth, which can be used to display the bucket teeth top part, but also help to enlarge the total length of caterpillar bucket teeth pins too, so the final efficiency corrosion metal quantity would be enlarged at the same time, but also changed the original force situation between the mine stones and bucket teeth pins as usual, but the final abrasion resistance ability had improved yet.


  All of the caterpillar bucket teeth pins manufacturing enterprises also needs choose the advanced manufacturing techniques and processes too, if production condition permits, all of the caterpillar bucket teeth pins manufacturing enterprises should adopts the abrasion resistance bead welding technique to meet up with the tenacity requirement of caterpillar bucket teeth pins.

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