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Reinforcement treatment for bucket teeth pins

hits:2355    date:2017-03-13

  If there is really needs to provide the reinforcement treatment to these caterpillar bucket teeth pins products, writer attention consumers pay more attention on the internal wall of bucket teeth pins, for example, writer suggests consumers choose the harden surface bead welding technique to finish the reinforce treatment of internal wall of caterpillar bucket teeth pins, even through this welding technique would costs more time, but it can be efficacy help to improve the abrasion resistance ability of caterpillar bucket teeth pins, but also reduce the corrosion and deformation problem happen rate too.

  To the based plate of caterpillar bucket teeth pins, consumers also needs provide the suitable reinforcement treatment to this position first, for example, to guarantee the best welding results, writer suggests consumers clean away all of the surface paint coating layer on caterpillar bucket teeth pins first, which can help to improve the fexity of bucket teeth.


  To prevent the too serious abrasion damages, writer attention consumers provide the right reinforce treatment to the side part of caterpillar bucket teeth pins at the same time.

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