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Rely on three methods to extend the total use life for bucket teeth pins

hits:2446    date:2017-02-05

  The first method: to makes the final service life of caterpillar bucket teeth pins can be longer and longer, manufacturing enterprises should adopts the suitable allot steel materials as the main raw materials for caterpillar bucket teeth pins, which would guarantee the final bucket teeth pin products gained the better abrasion resistance performance and harden degree, so these caterpillar bucket teeth pins would hard to has the deformation changes but also guarantee the longer service life.

  The second method: consumers also needs choose the right installation method for their caterpillar bucket teeth pins too, especially needs strict according to the standard requirement to right control the suitable angle degree for caterpillar bucket teeth pins, because the wrong installation angle would easily causes the caterpillar bucket teeth pins has the broken off damage.


  The last method: to guarantee the longer service life, consumers also need right fixed their caterpillar bucket teeth pins too, or the total use life would be shorten due to loose phenomenon.

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