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High manganese steel been widely used to manufacturing bucket teeth products

hits:2918    date:2017-01-27

  Compared with another metal materials, the high manganese steel material has a better abrasion resistance performance, so if use this material to manufacturing into the final caterpillar bucket teeth pins products can guarantee the excellent abrasion resistance performance too. For example, with the better abrasion resistance performance, the caterpillar bucket teeth pins can maintain the original entirety appearance even suffer the large crash phenomenon, but also guarantee the smaller damage hurt ratio than another caterpillar bucket teeth pins at the same time.


  Difference to another metal materials, professional caterpillar bucket teeth pins production manufacturer indicate that due to the special features of high manganese steel, which can be used to guarantee the higher harden degree for the final bucket teeth pin products, even through these caterpillar bucket teeth pins needs face to the strong crack phenomenon, its surface would forming into the harden condition within fast speed, but its center part can maintain the better harden degree as usual.

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