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Right control the excavate potency dimension

hits:2838    date:2017-01-18

  If the excavator has suffer the unsuitable stress force phenomenon during the common excavate works period, which would lead to the caterpillar bucket teeth pins has the hurt damage problem due to the unsuitable pressure force too, especially of these serious damages bucket teeth pins, which would can’t guarantee the original excavate results anymore, so during the common excavate period, writer suggests excavator operators to right control the suitable excavate potency dimension of caterpillar bucket teeth pins, but also needs right control the suitable excavate direction and angle degree too.

  During the common using life, operators also needs take suitable measures to right control the excavate efficiency of excavator caterpillar bucket teeth pins too, as long as the excavate efficiency is suitable, it would prevent the blinding excavate motions and causes the damage phenomenon, so maintenance timely can help guarantee the best excavate efficiency.


  If operators needs use the caterpillar bucket teeth pins to broken off these large dimension stones, writer suggests them use the explosion works to broken off the large stones first.

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