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Never neglect the manufacturing dimension of bucket teeth

hits:2591    date:2017-04-06

  as we known, the manufacturing types and specifications of excavator machine is very variety, and the different specification excavator needs sue the different specification of mechanical parts as well, so to guarantee the latest installation process of excavator can be frequently finished, when choose the komatsu bucket teeth pins, consumers should pay more attention on the manufacturing dimension.

  But writer confess that the dimension of the komatsu bucket teeth pins needs confirmed rely on the decision of the specification of excavator, or it would can’t match with another excavator mechanical parts.


  Due to several different materials can be used to produce komatsu bucket teeth pins, but to guarantee the higher harden degree and abrasion resistance performance for the final komatsu bucket teeth pins and both raw materials, writer suggests consumers choose the stainless steel during the custom made period, which can help to make the final komatsu bucket teeth pins gained the best performance too.

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