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Three factors help you check the manufacturing quality of bucket teeth pins

hits:2528    date:2017-03-28

  Firstly: writer warn consumers that they can according to the simple manufacturing symbols to judge the quality, as we know, only with these high quality komatsu bucket teeth pins can be produced with the relative casting symbol and products marks, and these worse quality bucket teeth pin products would has no symbols, or these symbols had been produced with the roughness appearance.

  Secondly: these high quality komatsu bucket teeth pins has a strict requirement to the bucket teeth pins wall thickness, for example, due to all of the high quality komatsu bucket teeth pins been produced within the thickness side wall, which also can be closely match with the seat groove and teeth root; but these fake bucket teeth pins would produce a big gaps between the seat groove and the front part of the bucket teeth root part.


  Lastly: consumers also can according to manufacturing weight to judge the quality of komatsu bucket teeth pins, for example, if the manufacturing weight is about six kilograms, it means this bucket teeth pins belongs to the top grade products.

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