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Never storage bucket teeth pins without destination

hits:2568    date:2017-03-10

  If consumers don’t needs use the komatsu bucket teeth pins anymore, most of them would like storage them timely, but writer needs warn them should never storage the bucket teeth pins with any destination, for example, to guarantee the komatsu bucket teeth pins can maintain the original shapes during the long storage time, consumers should clean away all of the pollution substances, soil, dusts and impurities, which exist on the surface of bucket teeth pins, but also need use the clean fabric to carefully clean away the edges of bucket teeth pins as well, which can be efficiency prevent the komatsu bucket teeth pins has the corrosion damages due to the surface impurities.

  After the komatsu bucket teeth pins had been used for a long time, most of them would easily face to some different problems, such as the common abrasion damages, especially of the too serious abrasion problem, which would influence the final excavate result, so consumers should take measure to solve these problems as soon as possible.


  During the daily use life, consumers also needs learn some useful knowledge to help maintain their komatsu bucket teeth pins too.

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