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The angle of bucket teeth pin should be suitable

hits:2491    date:2017-03-01

  As we know, the main production specifications of komatsu bucket teeth pins had been divided into several different types, and their main raw materials also has several different choices for consumers to choose, but due to the different material komatsu bucket teeth pins is suitable for the different using condition and soil feature, so to guarantee the less consume less of bucket teeth pins, writer suggests consumers according to the soil features to choose the right komatsu bucket teeth pins within the suitable metal raw materials.

  Expect of the raw materials, consumers also needs never neglect the manufacturing angle of komatsu bucket teeth pins too, for example, the biggest incline angle of the bucket teeth pin should never beyond one hundred and twenty degrees, because the too big incline degree would causes the final komatsu bucket teeth pins easily has the broken off problem.


  After the new bucket teeth pins had been install for month later, writer suggests consumers to change the install positions for both internal and external bucket teeth pins.

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