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Never use naked flame baking the oil sump

hits:2661    date:2017-03-27

  During the cold winter days, professional wheel loader tooth pin production manufacturer warn consumers should never let their excavator structure to contact with any naked flames, especially of the oil sump, for example, professional wheel loader tooth pin supplier indicate that use the naked flame to baking oil sump would causes the excavator and loader machine has the abrasion damages with the faster speed, and the most serious damage is burning damage the entirety machine.

  Professional wheel loader tooth pin production manufacture also confess that when the naked flame contact with the oil sump, which would cause the internal engine oil has the go bad and burning damage, so its lubrication performance would be reduced than usual or lost its full lubrication performance, so the entirety excavator would abrasion damaged within less time.


  So professional wheel loader tooth pin production supplier suggests consumers choose the warm water bath method to improve the engine oil’ temperature.

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