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wheel loader tooth pin has a strict requirement to its welding equipment

hits:4023    date:2015-08-21

  After the production manufacturers finish all of the production processes to the wheel loader tooth pin, to increase the total use life of the wheel loader tooth pin, and under the economic conditions permits, production manufacturers also choose provide a surface welding process on the surface of these new wheel loader tooth pin products. But writer had to attention these production manufacturers that provide the surface welding process is right, but they need ensure they has choose the right welding equipment, because the wheel loader tooth pin has a very strict requirement for the welding equipment or machines.

  For example, the best choice for the welding equipment or machine is the DC welding machine, its character is easy to attract the welding arc and fire stable, besides, it is also easy to provide the welding operating, suggests ti choose the short length welding or intermittent welding method with the narrow welding gap.

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