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The best core material of bucket teeth is the low carbon steel materials

hits:2772    date:2017-04-30

  If the bucket tooth pin has the too serious abrasion damages, when provide the bead welding technique to prevent the more serious abrasion lose, writer suggests consumers add suitable core materials into the internal part of damage bucket tooth pin, and writer said the best core materials of bucket tooth pin belongs to the low carbon steel material and harden type steel material. Besides, according to the different raw materials of bucket tooth pin and the different abrasion degree, writer attention consumers choose the different bead welding technique as well.


  Firstly, writer warn consumers remember cut off the entirety abrasion damage part from the bucket tooth pin structure, and use the angle milling machine to makes the bucket teeth installation part has a clean and smooth surface, consumers should remember there has no iron rust and soil dirt and cracks flaws. Writer warn consumers all of the welding rod, which used for bucket tooth pin needed drying within three hundred and fifty degrees temperature about fifteen hours.

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