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Big enough tenacity to prevent abrasion damages

hits:2708    date:2017-04-28

  During the common excavate work time, both of the loader machine and the bucket tooth pin, which installed on the excavator structure had to suffer the too big impact force, so both of them would face to the too big abrasion damages. So try to reduce the abrasion damages lose, writer suggests all bucket tooth pin manufacturing enterprises try to makes their final bucket tooth pin products gained the excellent abrasion resistance ability on the surface, but also maintain the big enough tenacity performance in its internal space.


  If the total abrasion damages of bucket tooth pin is not very serious, consumers can choose use the bead welding technique to solve this abrasion problem, but if the total abrasion damages is too serious, choose the bead welding technique would costs more time and welding rod, so writer suggests consumers add suitable core materials into the middle part of abrasion damage bucket tooth pin, then provide the bead welding technique next.

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