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Bucket teeth belongs to one kind of cantilever beam component

hits:2857    date:2017-04-26

  As general, the bucket tooth pin can be regard as one kind of common cantilever beam component, because its teeth top part needs inert into the soil during the work time, then through raising the arm to put the materials into the bucket at the end. When bucket tooth pin start to contact with the excavate materials, there would form a certain impact force between them, so after put into the materials, the entirety bucket tooth pin would face to the abrasion damages, which can be called as the peel type abrasion damages.


  But professional bucket tooth pin production manufacturer indicate that the abrasion resistance ability of the bucket tooth pin has a big difference to its raw materials’ original abrasion resistance features, but can be express as the friction system, which has a closely relationship to the organization structure of the raw materials. Besides, professional bucket tooth pin production manufacture indicate that the work loads, work environment medium, work condition temperature and lubrication conditions also can influence the final abrasion resistance performance too.

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