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the requirement. for both bead welding technique and needed welding equipment

hits:2573    date:2017-04-22

  Generally speaking, both of the bead welding technique and needed use welding equipment, which used for these abrasion resistance bucket tooth pin products' teeth root part should maintain the reliable work parameters for the entirety welding process, and all of them should be right and safety fixed as well.

  When connect the welding current, professional bucket tooth pin production supplier indicate that the best welding current should match with the steady and long time welding works need. To guarantee the best welding result, professional bucket tooth pin production supplier warn workmen to detailed check if the welding operation machine can be free to change the height of welding gun on both right and left direction.


  To prevent the welding smokes produce harmless influence to environment, professional bucket tooth pin supplier said the key is choose the anti dust and smoke device. The direction of the position changing machine can be free change from rotary and vertical direction at the same time.

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