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How to rely on application condition to choose the right bucket teeth?

hits:2813    date:2017-04-20

  The bucket tooth pin had been regard as the most easily damage lose part among the entirety excavator structure, but consumers just need to replace a new teeth top part, but to help prevent the too fast abrasion damages, writer attention consumers to rely on the application condition to choose the right bucket tooth pin is very important.

  For example, if the teeth top part of bucket tooth pin belongs to the rock stone teeth, then excavator operators can control this bucket teeth to excavate these icon mine and stone mines, etc; but if use the excavator bucket tooth pin to excavate the sand soil and sand rocks, writer suggests consumers choose the earthwork teeth to instead of the rock stone teeth.If the main application work condition of bucket tooth pin is coal mine conditions, professional bucket tooth pin production manufacturer suggests consumers choose the taper shape teeth.


  But according to the teeth holder part, these bucket tooth pin products can be divided into vertical pin bucket teeth, lateral pin bucket teeth, Carter bucket teeth and V type bucket teeth, etc.

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