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Using the TL type bucket teeth to improve the piece rate of coal

hits:2853    date:2017-04-12

  If consumer wants to guarantee the final piece rate of coal has a big improvement, writer suggests them use the TL type bucket tooth pin to instead of the traditional flat bucket tooth pin, because this kind bucket teeth is only suit to excavate these soils, sand soil and surface coal, etc. But if excavator operators needed control the excavator and bucket tooth pin to excavate these harden and large dimension hardness rock stones, to prevent the abrasion damages, writer said the RC type bucket tooth pin is the best choice than TL type bucket teeth.

  Actually, lots of consumers would like to choose the RC type bucket tooth pin to guarantee the best excavate efficiency, but writer confess that it is not necessary to make this decision, because after the RC type bucket tooth pin had been used for long time and face to the abrasion damages on the front work surface, which would lead to the bigger and bigger excavate resistance force and waste more power energy at the same time, but choose the common flat bucket tooth pin can maintain the sharp excavate surface and saving fuel energy.

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