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Three aspects help you analyze the abrasion problem of bucket teeth

hits:2731    date:2017-03-25

  The first aspect is detailed analyze the contract surface between the work force carrying surface of bucket tooth pin and the needed excavate substances, professional bucket tooth pin production manufacturer confess that under the different excavate work state, even through the same bucket teeth would suffer the different carrying condition as well.

  The second aspect is detailed analyze the main manufacturing technique of bucket tooth pin, for example, consumers should take two samples from the front and back work surface from one same bucket teeth structure, the next step is milling these two samples within the flat appearance and check if its harden performance is meet up with the standard requirement or not.


  The last aspect is analyze the materials organization, for example, to guarantee the best abrasion resistance performance, manufacturing enterprises should choose the No 40 steel to instead of the traditional quenching 45 steel, because under the same abrasion testing condition, the final abrasion resistance ability for both based body and insert part of NO 40 steel is better.

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