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Different work condition lead to the different lose efficiency degree and forms

hits:3011    date:2017-03-16

  Even these bucket tooth pin products been produced within the simple and small dimension, but the main role of this mechanical part is very important, but the bucket tooth pin can be regard as the most easily broken damage part too, because the bucket teeth needs use the bucket tooth pin to connect the teeth holder and teeth top part into a whole unit, so as long as the abrasion damages appeared, consumers just need to replace the teeth top part but not the entirety bucket teeth.

  According to the different manufacturing techniques and processes, professional bucket tooth pin production supplier said the bucket teeth can be divided into casting bucket teeth and forging bucket teeth, especially of the casting bucket tooth pin, its manufacturing costs is more expensive and divided into two different types, such as the sand casting bucket teeth and precision casting bucket tooth pin, etc.


  Within the different work conditions, professional bucket tooth pin production manufacturer said the bucket teeth would face to the different abrasion and impact force, so their final lose efficiency degree and forms also be different as well.

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