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Another formation technique of bucket teeth named FEM technique

hits:2942    date:2017-02-26

  Just same with the SLA technique, professional bucket tooth pin production manufacturer said the FEM technique belongs to another common used formation technique for these common bucket tooth pin products, but the difference is the formation raw materials had changed into the thermal type plastic and under the help of this raw materials hot melting performance and connection performance, which can be heap up formation within several layers but under the control of computer.

  For example, if professional bucket tooth pin production manufacturer decide to use the FEM technique, they need change the thermal type raw materials into the silk yarn shape first, which can through the wire feed structure to send to the shower nozzle, and these silk yarn would heating until change into the thermal melting condition in the shower nozzle.


  Along with the section wheel, professional bucket tooth pin production manufacturer indicate that the shower nozzle would motion together with the padding raw materials and squeezed out within the solidification condition, so the raw materials would start solidifying with a very fast speed.

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