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Theory of excavator bucket teeth manufacturing technique

hits:2827    date:2017-02-08

  As general, SLA technique belongs to one kind of excavator bucket tooth pin manufacturing techniques, which needs to under help of the photosensitive rubber within the liquid condition to make the light chemical combination working principle. Professional bucket tooth pin production manufacturer said difference to another liquid materials, the photosensitive rubber can produce the light chemical combination reaction within the fastest speed under the ultraviolet sunshine, so with the enlargement of the molecular mass, the photosensitive rubber materials can change into the solidification conditions from the original liquid condition with a fast speed.


  After pick out the forming pieces from the liquid rubber container, professional bucket tooth pin production manufacturer warn consumers to eliminate the extra liquid rubber in time, then put the cleanly work piece into the solidification device, so under the help of the strong ultraviolet light expose, the final manufacturing strength of bucket tooth pin can meet up with using needs, but also fully solidification at the same time.

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