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How to maintenance excavator after running over five hundred hours?

hits:2691    date:2017-01-30

  As long as the total running time of the excavator structure is beyond five hundred hours, professional bucket tooth pin production manufacturer said its time to replace a new filter core, which been used to filtering the excavator fuel oil. Besides, excavator operators also need remember to check the height of the lubrication grease of the small rotary gear, but add the right specification lubrication grease in time.


  To guarantee the work temperature of entirety excavator structure can be controlled into the suitable range, there are several useful cooling fins had been installed on the different parts of excavator structure, such as the heat sink part, oil cooling down device and cooling device, so professional bucket tooth pin production manufacturer suggests consumers to right check if these cooling fins can be continue working or not, and remember to use a new cooling fin to instead of the original broken cooling fin. Professional bucket tooth pin production manufacturer also warn consumers to replace the new transmission oil after it had been continue used beyond one thousand hours.

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