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How to right reinforce the based plate for bucket teeth?

hits:2534    date:2016-11-29

  To prevent the wheel loader tooth pin has the abrasion damages within the fast speed, but also reduce the malfunction rate, professional wheel loader tooth pin production manufacturer suggests users choose the reinforce technique to achieve this goal. But professional wheel loader tooth pin production manufacturer attention with the different structure positions, the reinforce methods should has a big difference as well, and the detailed explain as following:

  Professional wheel loader tooth pin production manufacturer said people should pay more attention on the based plate than another parts, but also need to ensure all of the surface painting for wheel loader tooth pin had been fully wiped off, or it would influence the final welding effects, after reinforce the based plate, we will find the fixed performance for entirety teeth pin has a big improvement too.


  Due to stronger abrasion damages, the capacity for these wheel loader tooth pin broadside would be reduced as well, which would also influence the final working efficiency, so users also need to provide the reinforce treatment to broadside too.

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