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The welding film for teeth pin needs more attention

hits:2703    date:2016-11-26

  To these wheel loader tooth pin, no matter choose which welding techniques, users all need to pay more attention on the welding film, for example, they need to ensure the final welding film has no cracks, slag inclusion, poor fusion and undercut phenomenon, or this welding film would lost its original functions and performance, besides, professional wheel loader tooth pin supplier said the final welding quality would also reduced as well.

  As long as the final welding quality can be guaranteed, professional wheel loader tooth pin production manufacturer suggests choose the bigger electric current but with the slower welding speed, besides, only these welding parameters had been right set, the final welding works can be finished with the fluently way, but also guarantee the excellent welding grade.


  To ensure the excellent welding quality, professional wheel loader tooth pin production manufacturer suggests people try to choose the DC welding machine , because teeth pin had a very strict requirement to the welding equipment.

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