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Choose the durable teeth pin is the best choice

hits:2777    date:2016-11-24

  During the common using period, several wheel loader tooth pin would easy has the broken off phenomenon, which had a closed relationship wit the worse durable performance, so to be efficient reduce the broken off happen rate and phenomenon, the best choice is choose these durable wheel loader tooth pin. Or people also can choose the excellent abrasion resistance teeth pin, which would not only guarantee the better using performance, but also help reduce the teeth broken off rate during the normal using time.


  If people needs use the wheel loader tooth pin to excavate these large dimension substances, such as the rocks, because of the large dimension and strength, the wheel loader tooth pin would easy face to the overloads phenomenon, so this teeth pin would also easy to broken its teeth part. So when excavate these large dimension rocks, people can use the professional tools to cut off them into the small pieces, then use the teeth pin to excavate them next.

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