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Three methods used to extend total service life for tooth pin

hits:2624    date:2016-11-23

  The first method: to help extend the total service life for wheel loader tooth pin, the most easily method is to make the right decision to choose the suitable wheel loader tooth pin, so if the economic condition permits, writer suggests people choose alloy steel materials, because it can ensure the final wheel loader tooth pin had a better abrasion resistance performance and hardness degree.

  The second method: users should reply on the national standard requirement to right install the wheel loader tooth pin, especially ensure the installation angle is suitable, which can prevent the wheel loader tooth pin has the broken off problem due to the wrong installation angle.


  The last method: to ensure the total service life for wheel loader tooth pin can be longer and longer, professional wheel loader tooth pin production manufacturer said users also need to right fixed the teeth pin, especially prevent it has the loosen phenomenon, which will lead to the shorter service life.

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