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Why manganese steel can be used to produce tooth pin products?

hits:2570    date:2016-11-22

  If use the manganese steel to compare with these common metal steel materials, we can find the abrasion resistance performance for manganese steel is the best, so use this materials to produced into final wheel loader tooth pin can guarantee the better abrasion resistance performance, even through these manganese steel wheel loader tooth pin needs face to the strong clash phenomenon, it also can guarantee the original uniform appearance and lowest damage rate.


  Professional wheel loader tooth pin production manufacturer said use manganese steel to produce into the wheel loader tooth pin also can ensure the better harden degree, so during the common using period, even through these wheel loader tooth pin had suffer the big clash force, but under the help of higher harden degree, its surface can be harden with a very fast speed, but its central parts still maintain the original hardness degree, so this is the main reason why these manganese wheel loader tooth pin has a lower malfunction rate but longer service life.

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